My Christmas Campaign 2013

People, It Is Official. My Christmas Campaign 2013 Is Here. Right Now.

It is 2013. That means this is my 5rd Christmas Campaign. And this year will be the best year ever, lady. In the History of Historical Evers. Ever.

Before I tell you why my Christmas Campaign 2013 is so Special. I will first tell you who we are helping this year. That is most important. Because Homeless dogs need our help. And they need Santa. In their lives. This is where we come in. People, we bring Santa to Homeless dogs. That is what we do. We are PROfesshionals.

Distinguished Dobermans Rescue, Inc. Is Santa’s Target. Again.

Distinguished Dobermans Rescue, Inc. (DDR) is who we will be helping. Again. This year. And I will tell you why. There are a lot of reasons. I will tell you 3.

Reason Letter 1. They help a lot of Dobermans. A LOT. And that is important. Because there are a lot of lies about Dobermans. That means WRONG. And Edumacation is important. That is why it is important to read to Old People. So that they do not lose their Edumacation.

Reason Number B. They help other dogs also. Not only Dobermans. This is important. Because sometimes, lady. Dobermans want Friends that are not Dobermans. Because sometimes. Tall People do not like other Tall People. It is called Variety. And it is the Gravy of Life. Sometimes I do not like Tall People. And it is not because I am Tallist. Because I am not. It is because I am very Small. My Nipples are so tiny that Fleas could not even find them. If I had Flea problems. But I do not. I digress.

And Reason Letter 3. The people at DDR are Fantabulous people. With a Capital F. Because they are just that Fantabulous. They work all the time. And they do whatever they have to do. To help Dobermans and other dogs. So that they have a Home. That means Anti-Homeless. And have great Parents. Like my Dad. But not my Mom. Because my Mom ruins my life. Every day. I digress. Again.

This Is How To Play. And This Is What Is At Stake. VeeAh Pictures.


┬áPeople, If You Have Questions. Go To My…

You can find full information on my FAQs page regarding my Christmas Campaign. I recommend that you read that page in full and very carefully so that you do not miss anything. This is very, very important, people. We must make my Christmas Campaign a very big success. Santa and homeless animals will be very happy with us. This is crucial.

I will be updating my Facebook with all important information regarding my mission.

Are you with me? I will be very hard at work to make my Christmas Campaign a major success. Do not let me down, people. Christmas depends on us.

Scoops Christmas Campaign 2013 - This is no joke, people. Does it look like I am joking?